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This post bothers me so much. 

Yes, I am going to go all “music saves lives” on you because it does.

I’m not even a huge Of Mice & Men fan, but I respect them because I’ve read the stories, I’ve seen the videos, I’ve seen the pictures. The entire band (not just Austin) has majorly influenced thousands of people all over the world. And not solely through their music- but their music definitely makes a big impact. Their music reflects their personalities, and things that work around in their heads. They’ve beautiful minds and personalities- their music is their preferred way of expressing it. 

Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, A Day To Remember…. I’ve heard people call this “weak stuff”, and I think that’s funny because can you sing with such depth, power, and strain in your voice? I doubt it. They’ve a lighter style, I’ll say that, but that doesn’t make them so-called “weak”; it makes them different. PTV, SWS, and ADTR has also saved lives. They’ve done it differently, and there aren’t as many stories flowing around compared to OM&M, but all three bands have saved thousands of lives nonetheless.

There’s a huge list of bands that I could name right now that have saved countless lives- including several people that I know on here and in real life. There’s physical proof that people find safety in a couple minutes of heartfelt lyric and rhythm. It goes so much further than just the wrists.

I don’t care if this post was made to be funny, and I really don’t give a shit if this was posted not knowing that it would offend someone. Because it’s people that write posts like these, and that support posts and remarks like these, that cause deaths around the world. NOT screamo powerful music.

I bet that fish died because it was ashamed of being in the presence of someone poking fun at something that they didn’t understand. I would’ve killed myself too.

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